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4 Step Process- How to stop losing customers, money & sales in your retail business without wasting Time & Resources

What you will learn:

• The problems most retail businesses face

• An important concept most retailers know but rarely put into practice

• The proven 4-step process that will help you stop losing customers & sales

• How to clean up your customer engagement strategy for the best results

Infinity Retail’s Croma cast away the age old points based loyalty system and switched to CASA’s unique customer centric loyalty system. Repeat purchases shot up in just 2 months, conversions increased by 200% and sales by upto 140% in certain stores.

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A Few Of Our Clients

Switched from bulk campaigns to personalized campaigns. Improved conversions by more than 300%

Improved sales through custom built applications including an e-commerce app. Using CASA’s AI-driven analytics to improve decision making

Implemented a unique loyalty system and saw a sharp increase in repeat purchases in just 2 months

Increased customer engagement at the store with our unique loyalty program

Automated campaigns increased conversion with highly targeted campaigns

Our Team



Straddles the two worlds of Retail Technology and bad joke-making with ease. Tries to hide his grey hairs by being cool and hippie but you can oft see through the cracks-25+ years of experience in the retail technology sector. Ex global head of retail at Wipro and ThoughtWorks. Founder of Ajira Technologies and CASA.



A veteran software professional and a self-proclaimed foodie. A serial experimenter by heart who doesn’t shy away from trying out new things and faces challenges head on. 25+ years experience and 12+ years of experience in the retail tech industry. Has worked with most of the top 100 retailers across various categories.



A software genius and the moral compass of CASA. 10+ years in cutting edge software development. Dog’s best friend. The first to get into office and last to leave. There is no CASA without him.

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