The heart of every successful business lies in its marketing strategy. The stronger your strategy is, the more successful you will be. But in this world where innovative new tech pops up every now and then, every retailer should ask himself a question. “Are we adapting to the recent trends in marketing?”. If your answer is No, then you’re losing potential customers you didn’t know you had. In the recent times, the trends in retail mobile marketing took a shift and emerged as a great tool for reaching out to customers. Here are few tips and how to’s on sections of retail mobile marketing.

What’s up (app)?

Whatsapp retail mobile marketing

A messenger app which has been with us for almost a decade is being used by billions of people in over 180 countries. So leveraging a client hotspot of this level is very important for every retailer. Available in the market as a free application, Whatsapp is a boon to retail mobile marketing. Using WhatsApp, you can do a lot of things such as,

  1. Internal and Customer communication,
  2. Customer Support
  3. Marketing and promotion. Etc.

Try promoting your products and the offers and discounts on them by sending Images, audio files and even short clips of videos with a little bit of text to all your customers. Unlike SMS or Email, there are fewer restrictions on the format, and delivery chances are higher. However spamming people with messages is not gonna work, and it’s best if you practice with only your existing customers.  Everyone hates messages coming from unknown numbers.


Even with the advent of all kinds of new technologies, the marketing done via text messages still bears fruit in retail mobile marketing. Sending out short and sweet messages with exciting offers that promote your brand always excite your customers. Embedding URLs to your sites and videos always help you redirect the traffic too, thus increasing the chances of conversion.

SMS retail mobile marketing

Moreover sending out texts at the right time, might help you build a great relationship with your customers. Send out feedback forms via links in text to show you care about them. Identify the pain points and work accordingly.

Learn more about SMS marketing campaigns here. To manage your SMS campaigns and to track the behavior and analytics of your business, try out tools like CASA. They are excellent campaign management tools that can handle not only SMS but also Facebook Ads. To know more, check them out here.

PUSH in Retail Mobile Marketing?

Push notification in retail mobile marketing.

One of the most underrated marketing pathways are the push notifications. Research from Localytics suggests that,

  • 52% of smartphone users have enabled push messaging on their mobile devices.
  • Localytics has observed a 7% open rate for segmented push messaging compared to a 3% open rate for generic, broadcast messages – that’s an over 2x improvement.
  • Of all the people who open a push notification, a majority of them convert from segmented push compared to only 15% for broadcast messages.
  • Segmenting push messaging leads to increased conversion.

So if you have an app for your business, then keep on pushing the right way!!.

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In-App ads:

The last but not the least way of marketing will be In-App Ads. This is usually a paid version of advertisement which is designed to redirect your customers either to your app in the Playstore (in most cases) or to your site. The key difference between conventional ads and the In-app ads is that the latter doesn’t need a separate browser to play. Usually, while you game or use any other app, you might come across two kinds of ads.

  1. Banner ads (Footer),

  2. Roadblocks.

In-app ad for retail mobile marketing.     

Roadblock Ads

These ads if used correctly, then a great deal of traffic can be redirected to your site or to your app in the Playstore.

Starting out as a new marketer can be quite tiring. Managing campaigns, ads, and even their response rate are a bit delicate. A small mistake can sometimes cost you much and as a newbie, you’re bound to make mistakes. But, don’t worry, it’s a part of the learning process. Make as many mistakes in the initial stages as you can because that’s what will help you learn and grow. Read blogs, guides, and other resources to improve your knowledge. Do this, and I’m sure you’ll keep getting better in this.

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