If you run a beauty Salon chain, or if you’re responsible for marketing a Salon, then you’re in the right place. In this post, I’ll be talking about some proven Salon Marketing Strategies that’ll help you overcome 2 problems in your customer engagement strategy :

  1. Attracting new customers to your Salon.
  2. Retaining existing customers.

I’ll also be breaking down the marketing channels you can use for maximum impact. So stick around for some actionable customer acquisition and retention strategies that you can take and implement in your Salons right away.

Salon Marketing Strategies: Attract new customers

Acquiring new customers to your salon should always be a top priority. You can’t run a business if you can’t increase customers footfall to your salon. Although there are a lot of strategies you can employ to acquire new customers, I’ll be focusing on just a couple of tactics that are time-tested and proven to work well.

Local search SEO

Want to know how your potential customers search Google these days to find a new salon? Like this:

Salon Marketing strategies

Salon Marketing strategies- Local search SEO

or like this:

Salon marketing strategies: Local search SEO

Salon marketing strategies: Local search SEO


This is local search in a nutshell. Your potential customers mostly search for salons “near them” or around their area of residence. Such search terms indicate high buying behavior- because only people looking to immediately get a haircut tend to use these terms. These people are also your best bet for acquiring new customers.

Local search SEO is all about optimizing your Salon’s website and its “my business” listing in Google such that it appears high in the search results when people close to your salon search for one.

So when people search “Salons near me”, your salon will show up among the top results. This increases your chances of getting the customer to walk into your salon. For more information on local search SEO, read this guide.

Facebook Lead ads

Did you know that there are more than 2.2 Billion people who use Facebook every day? Statistics consistently show that the number is only going to keep growing.

So what does this mean for your Salon business?

It means Facebook is a treasure trove of potential customers for your salon. It’s a platform that you can use to bring in more customers using the various tools Facebook provides for marketers. One such powerful tool is Facebook Lead Ads.

This is how a typical lead Ad looks like

Salon marketing strategies- Facebook lead ad

Salon marketing strategies: Facebook lead Ads

The thing with lead Ads is, it works wonderfully well for B2C businesses. The targeting options that are available make it super useful for local businesses.

For example, you can target Facebook users who are within 3-5 KM of your salon, and also define their behavior and interests to really narrow down your audience:

Salon marketing strategies- Facebook targeting

Facebook provides many options for marketers to target the right kind of customers. You just have to try it once to convince yourself of a lead Ad’s potential for bringing new customers to your salon.

You can set up Facebook Lead ads in CASA and relax. CASA automatically syncs leads and also tracks conversions and sales that happen through the Ads. Go on, try it out and see how easy it is to run and track your Ads ROI via CASA.

Word of mouth/ referrals from existing customers:

This is a strong channel for acquiring new customers. Also one of the cheapest, no doubt. The only prerequisite to using this salon marketing strategy is that you need to make your customers happy. And you need to continue keeping them happy enough that they will want to talk about your salon to their friends and family.

Of all the salon marketing strategies, this is the one which has the best ROI. You don’t spend extra bucks for acquiring new customers this way since your customers will do the same for you!

Salon marketing strategies: Referral marketing

Salon marketing strategies: Referral marketing quote

Word of mouth works simply because it’s your customer’s expression of goodwill regarding your salon. It’s more trustworthy compared to a typical sales call and it creates a sense of excitement in the person to whom your salon in being referred.

CASA’s Salon software can help your salon run referral marketing campaigns to your existing customers. This makes it easy for you to ask referrals and get more customers. Try CASA for FREE now to see how well it works.

There are quite a few more salon marketing strategies for attracting new customers to your salon, but the ones I’ve mentioned are the most widely used and best proven to work. I might talk about the other strategies in future posts, just in case, some of you are curious to know.

Salon marketing strategies: Retain existing customers

You’ll be surprised to know that there is something more important than acquiring new customers. Yes, you heard that right. So what is it?

It’s retaining your existing customers. Customer retention is the most important task in a business. Existing customers are your biggest source of revenue and are the reason you have a business at all.

” It takes a lot more effort and resources to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing ones”- Anonymous.

Salon customer retention has a lot to do with improving customer experience management. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some salon marketing strategies that’ll help you retain clients a lot better.

Personalized SMS marketing

My team recently ran a survey to find out if people prefer generic SMS offers or personalized SMS offers.

The results were not surprising- 95% of people who took our survey preferred ONLY personalized messages and offers from Salons.

Even more importantly, we also asked them for reasons why they leave a salon and don’t go back. Almost 80% of them answered that they dislike a salon because it SPAMs them with irrelevant messages and offers

A personalized SMS is what customers like to receive and is one of the best ways to retain customers.

Here is an example of CASA being used to send a personalized SMS to a customer.

Salon marketing strategies- SMS marketing

Salon marketing strategies: Personalized SMS marketing

This SMS was sent to customers who hadn’t come back to the Salon for some time. So the personalization here helps to make the customer understand that we’ve noticed their absence and would love to have them back.

These kinds of personalized messages are well received compared to bulk SMS with no customized messages. We have consistently found that they have a much better conversion and increase chances of a customer responding positively.

CASA specializes in understanding customer behavior and preferences and thus send personalized messages and offers that convert. Click here to try our personalized marketing software free for a month.

Personalized Email Marketing

If you are one of those people who think email marketing is dying, then I suggest you take a look at this email marketing statistic.

Studies like these show emails are better than ever before. In fact, our own survey confirmed the exact same thing- 50% of people surveyed preferred communications via email. Here you go:

salon marketing strategies : email marketing

It is clear that email is more popular than even WhatsApp and SMS. So If I were you, I would definitely go for it!

Take a look at this small guide to get started with email marketing for your salon.

Personalization in email works pretty much the same way as in SMS personalization. If you’re using CASA, then your job becomes a lot easier as CASA will automate your marketing and personalization. You only need to set up rules initially and never look back.

Want to try CASA‘s personalized email marketing software for Salons? Sign up here for free and get a 1 month pilot.

Campaigns of salon marketing strategies for customer retention

Here is a small list of customer retention/activation campaigns that we at CASA have run for our clients.

Salon marketing strategies: Campaign

These are real campaigns that we’ve run for clients and have generally got a positive response. To get access to the full sheet of a lot more possible campaign ideas that you can run at your Salon, fill up this form and we’ll send it over. 

Final words

Remember, your salon is not going to grow on its own. You have to fuel it with your marketing efforts.

There are two primary purposes for marketing:

  1. Acquiring new customers to your salon.
  2. Retaining existing customers.

You can acquire new customers by

  1. Optimizing for local search and listing your salon is Google’s “my business” listing.
  2. By using social media, especially facebook lead ads.
  3. By incorporating referral marketing. Remember, your happy customers are the best salespeople for your salon.

You can retain existing customers by:

  1. Using SMS marketing for sending personalized offers.
  2. using email marketing to communicate with customers

Generally, customer retention happens if you can keep your customer happy and satisfied. Focus on providing a good customer experience both inside your salon as well as out of it( by not spamming them with irrelevant offers). Provide training to Increase your staff’s customer service skills so they’re aware of how to communicate with customers. to Stay tuned for more detailed posts on some of the salon marketing strategies mentioned here.

CASA is your salon’s best friend when it comes to personalized marketing. We specialize in customer retention and increasing salon visits. You can sign up for FREE here and try our salon marketing software for a month.

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