When asked in an interview “how good marketing should be?” the response of the best selling author Seth Godin was,

Good marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.

Interesting isn’t it? Now comes the questions such as What, When and How it should be told? We might have come across articles on customer acquisition and on improving the customer experience for your retail. But many of us never really had a good idea of social media marketing for retail. Living in a technological era where E-Commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart rule the market with their ridiculously low prices, retailers are forced to take necessary actions to compete against them.

Why social media marketing for retail?

Usually, in small and medium-sized retail businesses, investment in marketing campaigns will be a nerve-wracking decision to make. The primary concern of these retail companies would be on optimizing the budget. So the CEO and the marketing managers of these retail businesses would expect a 100% ROI on every marketing campaign run by them. This is why social media marketing for retail has been proven to provide success. These campaigns are,

  1. Easy to setup

  2. Free of cost and

  3. Can be monitored instantaneously.

Of course, there are some pain points to monitor. They don’t usually bring back sales and leads over your firm, and of course, they take time to catch on with your customers. But with patience, and the right kind of people to manage your campaigns and take actions accordingly, anything can be achieved. How do you think E-commerce sites and other bigger retail firms do it? The answer is simple. They make a plan and stick to it. They identify their prospects and hit them the right way to make them their customers.

To help you do just the same, we’ve put together 5 strategies you can implement social media marketing for retail. Let’s dive in!

Instant replies to your Customers:

Many businesses go out of business just because they can’t interact with their customers appropriately. A delayed response to your customer’s query will fetch you a bad name and worse they might move towards your competitor. If you are a business in growth, then you need to keep updating them. Give something to think upon. Something to remember by. If you want to keep them really engaged to an exceptional level, then learn to use Twitter.

social media marketing for retail - twitter

Twitter Ads

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Nowadays, consumers have a distinct expectation of retail businesses on social media, regardless of if the company is big or small. This is where Twitter provides value to small businesses. It can be used for user engagement, customer support, etc. Thus allowing firms to respond to consumers’ questions and concerns instantaneously.

It also provides actionable insights – for absolutely free of cost. Twitter’s search monitoring and tracking mentions can help small businesses get a real-time snapshot of what customers are saying about your business and also about the whole industry. And it is also a great place to announce discount sales or about the arrival of a new product of yours. Twitter helps you monitor your customers’ engagement levels, which in turn enables you to determine what move can be made next.

And you know what the best part of Twitter is? It has limited character count for your tweets. This helps you conveying short and crisp tweets rather than making boring big posts.

Hit your target precisely:

In a world population of 7.6 Billion, nearly 28% of them are active Facebook users. A lot of them in there are probably your customers. But that’s not all about Facebook.

social media marketing for retail - facebook

We personally love Facebook because of two key factors.

  1. Facebook helping you finding your prospects and
  2. Facebook helping you with customized ads.

Finding your prospects:

Facebook allows you to create either a brand page or a personal page. Each of these pages offers various kinds of benefits such as the ability to interact with a different array of users. This doesn’t stop there. Facebook also helps you create and be a part of groups. So the only question you need to ask yourself is “Which group should I be part of?“. Choosing the right group and posting the correct ads might bring you one, two…n number of prospects.

social media marketing - facebook group

Facebook groups

It also allows businesses to create events that users can join, giving them the ability to invite customers to in-person store visits. Just like Twitter, Facebook can be used for customer support too. Regarding advertising, Facebook allows small businesses to make very targeted ads to a specific demographic, and track them for further optimization.

Remember the point I told you about Facebook pages? Usually, it is used to reach out to people who have liked it. But with the options of boosting your posts, you can reach to a lot of others too.

social media marketing - facebook post

Boosting a post on Facebook

Ok, right now you must be thinking, Should I be following my customers who visit my retail shop? Or run social marketing campaign? Yes, It’s a tiring job. But fret not, we live in a digital era where anything is possible. You can do both with the assistance of some simple but elegant tools such as CASA. These tools not only help you analyze your customers who visit your retail but also reduce drop-offs and re-activate them.

Treat them visually:

Sometimes retail firms just assume that the customers are attracted by the offers and discounts they give out. But that’s not the case all the time. Customers can be lured by another great thing too –  the Quality of the product. Now arises the question, what is the universal metric to showcase quality? Simple. Treat your customers visually. Show them that your product is superior in quality than all of the others. And the best strategy in social media marketing for retail is using Pinterest.

social media marketing for retail - pinterest

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest connects users together through the common interests of people that include photography, fashion, and many more. Here the users save pins, which are photos and content, in visual collections called boards. The users here are mostly female and so the businesses that attract them such as fashion articles, cookery businesses Etc leverage the platform really well.

Since it has been classified as a specialized social media platform for consumer-facing brands, that perception is really starting to change. Pinterest even unveiled an ad program called Pinterest Propel which aims at small and medium-sized retail businesses. It is developed to the small business segment of advertisers on Pinterest, which could easily make up around one-quarter of the company’s total revenue.

It also allows ads, i.e., it promotes pins for you for a little amount of money. And these are used by tens of thousands of businesses since these Promoted Pins, targets Pinterest’s unique audience of creative enthusiasts. Thus making Pinterest an excellent tool for social media marketing for retail.

Mix and Match:

Here’s another excellent strategy in social media marketing for retail to treat customers visually. Owned by Facebook, Instagram a photo and a video sharing platform has more than 600 million users. Every month Instagram gets millions of monthly advertisers in it. Unlike Pinterest, Instagram is used equally by both the genders. Hence making this a fair playground for everyone.

Small businesses account for the majority of these advertisers every month right now. But this wasn’t the condition until recently Instagram introduced some new features. These new features were released to support new business come up with colorful ads.

social media marketing for retail - Instagram

But Instagram didn’t stop with ads. They also added the Stories features – enabling businesses to share their everyday moments and announcements with their customers. Now, around 80 percent of Instagram users around the world follow at least two business accounts.

social media marketing for retail - Instagram ads

Instagram Ads

Other than just sharing products, and business photos with users, Instagram can be used to share user-generated content. This helps you build a good relationship with your customers and getting them to know well.

Get professional:

Running a business successfully is not only about gaining prospects. It also depends on how well your branding has reached among other professionals of the same industry. A good retail should have its value established. And the best social media marketing for retail for professional value can be done via Linkedin. LinkedIn – the de facto social media network for career-oriented users is also the largest social platform for professionals.

When selling a product to another business firm, finding potential clients and networking with them is one of the best ways to improve your sales pipeline. Linkedin helps you do exactly do that. Hence small businesses can leverage this platform to do the same among professionals.

Small business owners can also take advantage of LinkedIn is through writing content on relevant trends in their specific industry. This not only educates your audience but also helps them understand more about you. LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with other small business owners to share stories and case studies. This builds relationships with your target audience. Linkedin also helps you promote your product with ads.

social media marketing for retail - Linkedin

Linkedin Ads

B2B companies and many B2C companies love Linkedin for this. Linkedin allows these companies to target their audience based on

  • Demography,
  • Industry,
  • And many more criteria.

If you’re a B2B retailer without a Linkedin account, then you’re losing a lot of your potential customers.


Right now you must have thoughts like, How do I process all this data? Is it possible to manage all these campaigns? But don’t worry. This is where CASA can be of help to you. We offer your retail with great insights by deeply understanding your analytics helping your firm grow bigger and gain more prospects. Sign up for free to find out how CASA can help your store.

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