In one of my previous posts, I talked about how salons spammed their customers and how it impacted them. But that’s when I realized; if I were to address the problem in the industry, then I might as well give my insights on how to deal with the problems you face when you do SMS Marketing for your Salon. So, if you’re a Salon/Spa owner, then this blog is just for you.

Importance of Personalization in SMS Marketing:

The marketing team of CASA recently surveyed among various groups of people belonging to a great variety of age groups and geographic locations. As shown in the survey results below, of 2000 people, around 80% of them, were open to receive personalized alerts from retail stores.

SMS Marketing - Personalized alerts

And I repeat again; they were only ready to receive personalized alerts and not the conventional bulk spams sent out by most salons.

CASA specializes in understanding customer behavior and preferences and thus send personalized messages and offers that convert. Click here to try our personalized marketing software free for a month.

The survey also had a question for the people asking about their preferred channel of communication. Though Email took the first place, the second and third most preferred channels were the WhatsApp and SMS.

Around 30% of the total respondents preferred personalized alerts through their handheld mobile devices. So to target almost one-third of your customer base, you can either choose SMS Marketing or WhatsApp Business. One of my favorite features of WhatsApp business is its automatic quick replies, greeting messages, and away messages.

SMS Marketing:

Though WhatsApp business provides you with automatic quick replies, sometimes it is pretty apparent they are sent out by bots. Your customers rarely respond to voicemails. But when you text, the expectations are very different, and they tend to have more patience.

Moreover texting is the most-used smartphone feature, in front of emails, internet access, and voice calls. Most of your customers read texts within minutes of receiving them. It is no surprise that sending out SMS prove to be a prime tool for business communications. But statistics suggest that your customers respond most to texts that are personalized to them, that has a human touch. And if you cater to your mobile-minded clients, in the way they prefer, it will add convenience to your clients’ daily life and strengthen customer-retailer relationships too.

Ok! now you might be wondering how can you engage your customer with your personalized alerts. The key here is to send alerts only that are relevant to them. These are some of the use cases/scenarios, we at CASA would recommend you to take advantage of and put your SMS Marketing strategies to good use.

7 Proven use cases for your Salon & Spas:

Stay In touch with Scheduled Clients

Being part of an industry, where the experience you offer to your customers is the key success factor, this is a critical use case. Your customers might run late for their appointments and might not have the time to call you to reschedule. And even if they do, they will not want to wait on hold. And at these kinds of situations, you can offer them the option of texting you to reschedule. This saves a lot of time on both sides and improves your relationship with the customer.

retail technology - robots

Schedule Appointments

You can always use texting not only for rescheduling your appointments but also for scheduling their appointments with you in the first place. Your clients want to text your salon to schedule an appointment, and they want you to text them back. Even Google understands the importance of a human touch here and tries to simulate the process of scheduling an appointment with an A.I rather than using an original A.I. Check out this video.

Send Alert Notifications to your customers:

Ever experienced an hour or two in your salon when your business virtually becomes zero. Try offering discounts during those hours to increase footfall. But how do you let you know your customers about your offer?. You can always send out text messages to your customer base or better you can send out personalized push notifications through an app (if you have any) to all your clients about the special offer. On top of it, sending out personalized alerts through your application has been proven to increase engagement among your customers.

Alerts - SMS Marketing

Using the right kind of SMS:

There are only 2 types of texts that exist in SMS Marketing. They are,

  1. Transactional SMS, and,
  2. Promotional SMS.

Promotional SMS is used to send offers, discounts or promotions to new and existing customers. The messages may or may not be solicited by the recipients. Promotional SMS will be delivered with a random 6-digit Sender ID assigned by the telecom operator.

SMS Marketing - Promotional texts

Transactional SMS is used to send OTPs, informational messages, booking and order alerts to your registered customers. They are usually not used for marketing. Transactional SMS can be assigned a 6-alpha character Sender ID of your choice. It should correspond with your business or product name.

SMS Marketing - Transactional Messages

When the customer receives your text from your salon number, you can actually track the message sent out to them and its impacts. In fact, you can track each conversation your team is having with a client, and they can now directly text the number they already know and have saved on their phone.

Market with Specific Keywords

You have a great new product launch, (say shampoo) or a gift with purchase, seasonal loyalty bonus point offer or seasonal gift card promotion. Create an SMS post and send it in the way of informing your guests of the keyword promotions! Your client texts the keyword “gift” to the designated phone number and invites the client to show the text message at checkout on their next visit to receive all sorts of freebies.

CTA – SMS Marketing

If your salon runs a loyalty program, then trust me your customers would want to stay in the loop. Your customers would want to know the status of their bonus points every month and sometimes even after every purchase. And the best way to communicate it to them is via what some might call a Transactional Message, which we just discussed above.

CTA - SMS Marketing

Internal Communication

One of the most overlooked usages of SMS Marketing and campaigning is that you can use it to communicate internally with your staff too. Your team meeting is scheduled once per month. You can set an automatic text alert to all of your employees and stakeholders about the meeting. This greatly reduces the effort anyone needs to remember about the meeting.

Generally, customer retention happens if you can keep your customer happy and satisfied. Focus on providing an enjoyable experience both in your salon and out of it (by not spamming them with irrelevant offers).

CASA is your salon’s best friend when it comes to personalized marketing. We specialize in customer retention and increasing salon visits. You can sign up for FREE here and try our salon marketing software for a month.

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