In an earlier post, I talked about customer acquisition through social media and conversion ratio. In this post, I’ll walk you through a case study and talk about finding answers to questions pertaining to your sales. Particularly, boosting sales.

Boosting sales depend on how fast and how innovative your pitch is to your customers. Because

Sales is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell.

And at CASA, we believe that the best way for boosting sales is through online social media marketing. And FJORDLAND, a Norwegian food brand, proved this by switching from TV and banner ads to a Facebook-only Christmas campaign, which resulted in increased website traffic, boosting sales with just one-third of the total budget. They believed that

This is a world where one good video can lead to the massive social following.

After years of research and experimentation, Fjordland chose Facebook as the appropriate medium. Let’s dive into their case study for further enlightenment.

Case study- boosting sales through Facebook

Company: Fjordland

Industry:  Food & Beverages

Business Type: B2C

Tool Used: Facebook Marketing.

Result: increased website traffic thus boosting sales with just 1/3rd of the budget.

The company produces easy-to-make dinners and dessert dairy products with the tagline, “Fjordland—so tasty, so simple!

For its last 3 Christmas campaigns, it has used a quiz on its website to introduce people to its Christmas products. Its campaign objective was to maximize the number of website visitors thus boosting sales.

In the previous years, it had experimented with other media channels. Initially, they started off with TV ads and banners, and then banners with Facebook ads. In the campaign conducted for the Christmas of 2015, its agency MediaCom decided to focus its budget on a single channel.

Facebook’s high levels of reach and engagement made it the ideal choice.

boosting sales by Fjordland

Image source – Digiperform

From the results of its own experiments, the company came to know that its target audience responded well to polls, product-related promotions and meal suggestions. So they combined these elements into a series of ads featuring a cute pair of Christmas elves. This campaign—with videos and ads comprising photos and links—showed Fjordland’s products and motivated customers to take a look at its quiz for a chance to win a free vacation.

The results

The adopted strategy proved highly profitable for the company: sales increased by 14% year-on-year, with only a third of the budget as expenditure. Removing TV and banner ads from its media mix allowed the company to increase both website visits and overall sales, whilst significantly reducing its cost per click.

Results of the 9-week campaign, which ran from November 2015, include:

  • 14% year-on-year uplift in sales
  • 90% decrease in cost per click.
  • 2X increase in website traffic.

When asked, the digital manager Lars Arild Thomte of Fjordland said:

“Facebook has grown to be one of our most important digital marketing channels. It’s far more useful than traditional banner ads in reach, engagement, and cost. Even the results proved it.”


This case study is just another proof of what is already said- don’t underestimate the power of social media for driving traffic and boosting sales. The important lesson that we learn here is that it is very important for retailers to adapt to the recent trends in the market and choose the best medium to boost their sales. What works for one retailer might not work for another, so it will probably take some experimentation to find out which works best for you.

Do you want to know what medium is the best for boosting sales to your store? This is where CASA can help your business. CASA is an omnichannel marketing platform specializing in social media ads.

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