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How we increased Average ticket value by 78.14% for a consumer durables retailer in 12 months

What you will learn:

• An important concept that is poorly put into practice by most retail businesses

• How easy it is to measure your critical business metrics(such as customer retention rate, average bill value, marketing conversion rates, ROI etc) and understand customer behavior.

• How to increase footfall to your stores within a month

• How you can more than 10X your ROI on spends

Darling Retail: Switched from bulk campaigns to personalized campaigns. Sales shot up by 166%, conversions from 0.03% to 1.3% and average bill value from 16,294 to 29,027 in 12 months. Now, expanding business rapidly to reach 50+ stores by end of year

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A few of our clients

Implemented a unique loyalty system and saw a sharp increase in repeat purchases in just 2 months

Switched from bulk campaigns to personalized campaigns. Improved conversions by more than 300%

Improved business decision making with our AI-driven reports and insights. 

Automated campaigns increased conversion by 57% in just 6 months

Automated campaigns increased conversion by 23% in just 3 months



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Find out how a retail business like yours increased their average ticket value by 78.14% in 12 months