Suckerpunching Mr.SPAM

After a great night’s sleep, I woke up at 8 in the morning. The client meeting was not till the evening. So to burn out the frustration, I decided to visit a nearby coffee shop. I ordered a mocha frappuccino and waited there peacefully thinking about my problems. I was surprised when I saw an old friend walking into the store. We went on separate paths years ago, and it was only recently the TIMES magazine published an article under the title “Most successful young CEO of recent times” with his name mentioned. Delightedly, I waved my hand at him.

He sat with me while he waited for his coffee. He was delighted to see me too. Though we went on separate paths a long time ago, we still have the same bonding between us that we had a long time ago. After hours of endless chatter, we understood where we were in our lives. I had become a software engineer just as I wanted and my friend became the “Business Tycoon” that he always aspired to be. With over 30 retail stores under his supervision, he became one of the youngest CEO of the country. He was explaining to me the interesting strategies that companies use to market their brand among the consumers. But when I heard the term “SMS campaign,” from him, I was infuriated. After all the nuisance I faced due to text messages from the salon, I shared my anger with him saying, “These retail stores and Salons are very annoying. They bombard us with spam texts and ads all the time.”

Him – Mmm… Who spammed you with texts?

Me – I went to a salon for the first time yesterday. Within an hour I was on their subscriber list. I started getting all sorts of promotional offers from their stores.

Him – Some retailers do that. But that just annoys their customers rather than pulling them in. But what were the offers that were sent to you?

Me – I had a haircut yesterday. They were sending promos for a haircut again. Why would I want a haircut right after I had one just hours ago?

Him – Mmm there was no personalization in the text messages. These kinds of campaigns usually have adverse effects on their sale. But you know what? Not all retailers make the same mistake. Take me for example; I only send personalized offers to all my customers.

Me – But you have 30 retail stores. How do you personalize? Do you have a team of 100 in the marketing department to handle this?

Him – No… I have a software to take care of that job. With just one click, I can send personalized texts to the customers I want.

Me-Wow! What is the name of that software?

Him – It’s called CASA. I came to know about it recently through a friend of mine. Before CASA, even I’ve been driving my customers away. But now with CASA by my side, I achieve what I want.

Me – So… this CASA is just an intelligent campaign management platform… isn’t it?

Him – No, no CASA offers much more to my stores. They provide:

  • Bulk SMS Marketing,
  • Bulk email marketing
  • Fb lead ad sync and analytics
  • Digital signage
  • Endless aisle- to help you sell products that are not even in the store
  • Save the sale- to notify customers when the product they were looking for is back in stock.
  • Interest capture and campaign analytics.

Me – Whoa! And for every one of these features, do they offer personalization?

Him – Oh yeah! They have recently added digital signage feature too. In that, you can do, 

  • Cloud-based content upload
  • Remote control of content- control what content plays on what screen from anywhere.
  • Scheduling of content.

Me – Sounds amazing! Why don’t all the retailers do the same? This can save a lot of their time and help their customers too.

Him – Yeah! But not a lot of them know about it. They also don’t have any idea about why personalization is so important for their Salon.

Me – Oh! Why is it important?

Him – That’s a topic for another day 😉

Want to know why personalization is important for salons? Click here to become enlightened

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