Salons need to swallow this bitter truth-

” Customers don’t care about you, your products or your services. They only care about themselves, their wants and their needs.”

This info is crucial for salons to remember because it never helps to send out offers or messages that promote your products or services. Especially the ones that have no regard for the customer’s preferences or interests.

Crafting messages and offers that are centered around the customer’s preferences is the best way to ensure a Personalized customer experience in Salons, thus creating experiences that customers want and love.

Before we dive into why it’s important, let’s see what personalization really means.

What is personalization?

Personalization is the highest form of targeted marketing- one that doesn’t just look at demographics but also considers the customer’s interests and preferences. It involves getting to know the customer well and communicating only the things that they would like to hear.

Providing a personalized customer experience is the opposite of SPAMMING. And trust me, you don’t want to SPAM your customers with irrelevant messages and offers. Take a look at this short story about how a salon SPAMs its customer and the resulting consequences of their actions.

Why is personalized customer experience essential for salons?

The short answer to that is- because customers hate SPAM. Every other reason is a result of this:

1. Helps eliminate SPAM

Personalized customer experience- No more spam

Everyone hates SPAM, even the ones who are responsible for SPAMMING. Imagine this- you get a haircut from a salon, give them your number to get discounts and go home. The very next day you repeatedly get an offer from the salon-” get 20% off your haircut if you visit today”.

It is completely out of context for you, right? That’s SPAM for you because it is irrelevant and extremely irritating!. It spoils whatever good experience you had in the salon and makes you wish you never went there.

Thus, a personalized customer experience primarily helps in eliminating SPAM and improves your salon’s reputation for being customer friendly and SPAM-free.

2. Enhances customer experience:

Personalization is possible only when you understand your customer well. Because if you aren’t aware of what he/she likes, you’ll never be able to align your messages & offers with the customer’s preferences.

Personalized customer experience- Enhance the experience

Now, when you know what will resonate well with a particular customer in your Salon, you can tailor your communications appropriately. Thus, you will no longer send an offer, say for a haircut, the very next day after your customer just got one. In fact, now you can recommend something that complements your customer’s previous transaction.

For example, say a customer gets a haircut from your salon. You are aware that this customer also likes to have a head massage after his haircut, but forgot about it this time. Now, instead of sending offers for another haircut, you can instead offer the customer a head massage.

This is just a simple example of how personalization enhances the customer experience and takes it a step above.

3. Helps foster customer loyalty

A loyal customer base is your salon’s most significant source of revenue because loyal customers represent a steady stream of income. As a loyal customer of a salon myself, I can vouch for the fact that I hardly ever visit another competing salon.Personalized customer experience- Loyalty

I can’t stress enough how important it is to build loyalty. One way to do so is to provide a personalized customer experience and ensuring customer delight.

People crave an excellent experience a lot more than they desire a good product or service. Therefore,  if you give them an experience that they aren’t likely to forget, you can bet they will keep coming back for more. Personalize every touch point, make them understand that you care personally for their interests and preferences.

In short, make them feel special by getting to know about them and then promote those products or services that you know they’ll love.

4. Increases salon visits and sales

Personalized customer experience- Increase sales

Bulk marketing offers are often viewed as SPAM. Therefore, they are either ignored most of the time or sent to the trash bin. This provides two problems- 1) You have zero ROI even after spending money on marketing through SMS or email and 2) Your reputation takes a beating because the more people see you as SPAM, the less likely they will engage with your Salon in the future.

Providing a personalized customer experience even in terms of marketing can do wonders for your salon. A customized offer is much more relevant, much more engaging and undoubtedly more attractive. To your customers, it will seem like you have taken the time to understand their preferences. Moreover, they only receive the kind of messages and offers that they want to- which obviously translates to better conversions and sales.

5. Differentiate yourself from competitors

Statistics show that, Although almost 90% of companies agree that personalization is essential, only 25% of salons invest in technology to provide a personalized customer experience. Thus, it’s clear that the vast majority of salons still don’t offer personalized experiences.

This presents an opportunity for you to outshine your competitors. Incorporate personalization into your customer experience to show customers that you continuously strive to be better than your competitors. By personalizing their experience, you obviously provide a lot more value to the customers who visit your salon than your competitors.

Final thoughts

Personalization is the death of SPAM. It is the future of crafting wonderful customer experiences. You should consider providing a personalized customer experience in your salon if you want to:

  1. Eliminate SPAM and earn a better reputation for your salon.
  2. Enhance the customer experience.
  3. Foster customer loyalty.
  4. Increase salon visits and sales.
  5. Outshine your competitors.

If you want help with personalizing your customer experience, we can help you out. CASA is a personalized customer engagement software for Salons and Spas. Want to try it out for FREE? Sign up for a 1-month pilot.

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