Introducing Mr. Spam

Before I introduce the Hero of our story, it’s essential that I first introduce our Hero’s arch-nemesis- Mr.SPAM.

My laptop buzzed with a notification. It was a mail from the salon. The subject read “Looking for a new makeover? 50% off on all our grooming services”. I was surprised to see that I was already in their subscriber list. I ignored it and continued with the chores. When the clock struck 9 P.M, I opened my mobile to order dinner only to find a promotional text from the same salon offering me to get a free haircut if I bring in a new customer with me within the next few days. These promotions at first didn’t bother me much, but a couple of messages later within the same day, they started getting on my nerves. So, there you go, that’s Mr.SPAM.

What happened earlier that day…

I was counting down the days. Seven days away from my wedding!

I was on my last business trip before my wedding. I was supposed to be home yesterday, but the trip just got extended for a couple of more days. The client was not satisfied with our project. And it was all in my hands to convince him and make sure that the project stays with my firm.

Anxiety took over me as I glanced myself in the mirror. The face that stared back at me didn’t look like it was about to get married next week. With no second thoughts, I decided to do something about it. Though I had my wedding date fixed a long time ago, I did not invest any time to groom for the big event. I needed a serious dose of self – confidence right away. I couldn’t think of a better way than a total makeover. Grabbed my wallet and started marching towards the nearest luxury salon.

On reaching the salon, I chose the most expensive facial available. After four hours of excellent salon time, I regained my self-confidence to the fullest. The whole experience was great, which prompted me to even buy a membership card with my phone number registered. I walked out of the salon with a big smile on my face and the great experience I received.

But everything that followed completely spoiled the wonderful experience I had. Their frequent and irrelevant promotions were a lot more frustrating than I imagined they would be. I rested my eyes for a better tomorrow.

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