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Customer Activation & Engagement

               Is often not taken seriously by the retailers around the world. Failing to conduct regular loyalty programs and proper social media marketing will cause even your most loyal customers to fall off the bandwagon.

The customers who have gone quiet will probably have no interest in buying a product or service, and eventually, they may even stop interacting with the brand altogether. Now, this is a severe blow to any retail.

Being a retail in an omnichannel market, we have more opportunities to re-establish our connection with our customers than in the past, but also have to fight harder to win a share of attention for your brand in this fiercely competitive market.

Hence here are some practical tips we at CASA came up with to help you out with your Customer Activation plan.

Find Out Why They Have Gone Silent:

There is a reason your customers are no longer interacting with your brand and uncovering the reason why is an essential step.

A few years ago, an Online American grocer FreshDirect experienced troubles with their customer activation strategy. Due to their self-confessed issues with customer service, repeat business was almost unheard of. The struggle of the company was pretty bad. Their only business strategy was to offer heavily discounted incentives for first-time buyers. But that didn’t help them retain or re-activate their customers.

In 2008, the company took the drastic and controversial decision to discontinue all incentives for first-time buyers, and concentrate on improving the services offered to the existing ones. Even though this strategy received a lot of criticisms, in the long run, it paid off and after the company came back into the market fresher than ever. When enquired, Richard S Braddock former CEO of Freshdirect said,

“The trick…is not to acquire new customers, it’s to make them stay loyal.”

Read more about the challenges faced by FreshDirect here. Here the customer activation strategy was – “Getting closer to your customers than ever.” Direct interaction with the customer helps your analysts identify the pain points with high precision. Take that feedback seriously and make adjustments wherever possible. You might just be amazed by how much goodwill this generates, and how the goodwill will bring them back to you.

Remind them who you are:

Customers become dormant when they forget how can they benefit from you. Remind them the advantages of doing business with you by communicating the successes of your active customers. Show them case studies. Run a Newsletter. KEEP THEM ENGAGED. If you are an online retailer offer them personalized shopping tips. This shows your care for them.

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Customer activation through Social Media:

When we say, Keep them engaged, most people misinterpret it with e-mail communication. Yes, reaching out to your customers via customized email might seem to solve the issue at hand, but it doesn’t solve your problem completely.

Social Media Activation

In many cases, emails might not seem to be the most suitable customer activation tool. Lapsed customers sometimes stay dormant for years, and sometimes the reason for that is because you never connected with them via other social media in the past. Social media can help a lot with customer acquisition if done right.

Start with surveys to get to know where your customers are and begin to engage. Billions of people use Facebook and Twitter every day, I bet your customers are there too. Send them personalized texts, push notifications and get an idea about the requirement of your prospects and customers. With the technological advancements in this world, these kinds of omnichannel marketing can be done within minutes with tools such as CASA.

If you are B2B, reach out to people on LinkedIn. Become a part of the conversation with relevant information. Provide them case studies. These media can become excellent platforms where you could offer instructional content, discounts, promotions, links to related content and conversations.

Resuscitate them:

Your customers have gone dormant. A slight setback. But letting them stay dormant will cost you big time. Check for persistent ways to stay in front of them. For instance, A browser app can make you memorable to all your customers who have them. But the truth is that anything you use to share content, social media resources, chat, RSS, etc. might help you keep your customers engaged. Use advanced tools to measure your customers’ re-engagement levels. Keep track of the progress. To know more about this check out this page.

Finally, for customer activation, you can also

Use previous activity and purchase history of your customers to drive interactions. The insights are proven fundamental to the design, implementation, and success of re-invigorating the dormant customers.

Take a lifetime value approach. A re-engaged customers may not produce a quantifiable revenue on the first month of his return, but could then be made to provide revenue in subsequent months and,

Personalize each and every individual of your customers and help them deal with their queries.

Would you like to keep track of your reactivated customers? This is where CASA can help your business. CASA is an omnichannel marketing platform specializing in social media ads.

Would you like to see a free demo of our software?. Check out CASA for more information or just fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch soon.

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